About Us

About Us

Ocean language Academy is a unit of ACZ Global Pvt Ltd; a leading international business consultancy and end-to-end HR solution provider. Ocean language Academy offers relevant solutions pertaining to Foreign and Vernacular language challenges.

Ocean Language Academy focuses on training students and professionals in 6 top Foreign languages, helping them to clear the required examination conducted by the authorised Certifying Body. These certificates are recognized worldwide for job, foreign university admissions, visa, migration etc. We conduct practice oriented classroom and online training through week days and weekend sessions giving utmost importance to communication and comprehension of the respective language along with the script and grammar.

At Ocean Language Academy we also believe that the beauty of the language is not fully recognised if the culture of the country is not included. Hence along with the language immense importance is given in imparting the culture of the respective country.

Ocean language Academy is also one of the trusted organizations for providing language training, Translation / Interpretation services to Institutions, Organisations and Tourists.

Qualified Teachers


Ms. Shrishti

Faculty : Japanese

A N2 level certified Japanese Language Trainer, Ms. Shrishti is passionate about the Language and Culture of Japan. Her passion is seen in the unique teaching methodology she applies in training her students. With her 11 years of experience in the field of Japanese Language Teaching, she has a personalized touch with the learning style of every student in her class. ‘Learning a language without knowing the culture of the nation is like a body without a soul’ being her principle, she incorporates Japanese Culture and practices observed by the Japanese, in her teaching.

Ms. Shruti

Faculty : Japanese

An experienced Corporate Language Trainer, Ms. Shruti is Japanese N2 certified. She equally enjoys teaching the language to youngsters who desire to go to Japan either for higher education or career. She also gives due importance to the Culture of japan while teaching the language.

Ms. Asha

Faculty : German

Ms.Asha is a B2 certified and experienced German Language Trainer. Her stay in Germany has given her an insight into the culture and practices of German, which she incorporates in her training. Her student friendly approach towards teaching the Language makes it comfortable for the student to easily learn the same.

Ms. Shreya

Faculty : German

A professional with a Premium range German car manufacturer, Ms.Shreya has the first-hand experience of the advantages of knowing the language. She culminates her professional experience and knowledge of the language to Train the students in German. She holds a B1 Certificate in German.

Ms. Pooja Y

Faculty : Spanish

A Management Graduate, Ms.Pooja is a certified and experienced Spanish language Trainer, Ms.Pooja’s Teaching method makes the language more interesting for the student.

Ms. Leena

Faculty : Spanish

Ms.Leena is a certified Spanish Tutor, with a teaching experience of 6 yrs. Her stay in Spain and Mexico has benefitted in learning the appropriate dialect of the language. This she imparts diligently to all her students.

Ms. Sandhya. Nt

Faculty : French

Ms.Sandhya is B1 certified French language Trainer. She has worked in the field of academics as a French Teacher in a reputed school. She is also a French – English and English – French Translator. Her expertise lies in training students to face the DELF exams.

Ms. Samila

Faculty : French

She is specialised in French academics and literature. She is very dedicated French Language Specialist with proven track record in customer service, multi lingual customer interaction, translation and interpretation. She is B2 (DELF) certified French language expert and has diploma in technical translation and business writing.

Mr. Prahlad

Faculty : Chinese

A certified Chinese language teacher with translation and interpretation work background. He loves learning languages. He is very much interested in Chinese literature and philosophy. He makes his classes engaging and interesting. He is extremely good at gauging student’s proficiency level, adapt to it and lift them step by step.

Ms. Florence

Faculty : Chinese

She is an experienced Chinese language trainer with 4 year of teaching experience. Teaching is her passion and she is dedicated to it. She is also teaches English to Chinese nationals. She is always encouraging and tries to make her lessons the most interactive and interesting possible.

Dr. Nithyanandan M.P

Faculty : English

An innovative and creative teacher of English with 33 years including an 8 year stint in the Sultanate of Oman handling Foundation and Post foundation level students at Shinas College of Technology apart from the previous position as Associate Professor in English in Gharyounis University, Benghazi, Libya. He was also an EFL trainer with Bell International UK running a Preparatory Year English Programme at King Saud University in Riyadh, KSA. He can easily adapt to any learning requirement and he is well versed in using modern technology which facilitates effective English lesson delivery.

He has a Ph.D. English Literature, M.A. English Language and Literature, B.Ed. Teaching English, Trinity Cert TESOL Trinity College, London, bachlors in Chemistry and Masterclass for IELTS Trainers from British Council.

Ms. Sophia

Faculty : English

Ms.Sophia is an IELTS (International English language Testing System ) Trainer certified by The British Council. She is also a trainer of Communicative English and Business Etiquettes.

Happy Students

Why Choose US

  • Highly qualified and globally certified language trainers.
  • Systematic teaching approach to easily learn reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Interactive training, role plays, face-to-face teaching with live examples.
  • Personalized learning experience with mentoring
  • Systematic tracking of the progress and provide insights to make the learning fruitful.
  • Get better understanding and familiarize with the country specific cultures & etiquettes
  • Instructor-led, classroom or online training
  • Training conducted through latest technologies with expert strategies and tips
  • International standard study materials & curriculum, prepared by experts.
  • Limited student’s batch size and multiple batches throughout weekdays and weekend
  • Backup classes in case of emergency absence.
  • Intensive preparatory coaching for global exams
  • Regular mock tests are conducted to ensure the student’s learning progress is excellent.
  • Facilitation to appear for the Test and Certification from International authorities to achieve globally recognized qualification.
  • Course completion Certificate from Ocean Language Academy.
  • Our highly skilled In-house HR recruitment team who are Associated with top 100 corporates are ready to assist you.
  • Get assistance on Personality development, interview attending skill, world-class resumes building, mock interview sessions, etc.
  • Get associated with various international colleges & schools
  • Build professional network and connect with global communities and organisations.
  • Assistance and guidance for Study & Career in India & abroad
  • Assistance and guidance to relocate / migrate abroad.
  • Work on Industry-oriented Exercises
  • For Individuals: Students (School, Colleges, higher studies, etc.)
  • For Institutions: Customised training sessions for Schools / Colleges
  • For Enterprise: Highly engaging and intense learning processes.
  • Grow Along with our community

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Students Speak

The Japanese course is great! Even if you don't know the language from the beginning, don't be scared. It is very comfortable to follow the teacher. She is nice and motivates to learn without pushing you. Highly recommend. Thanks a lot for your course!

Amazingly structured course, the speed is also perfect for total beginners. I recommend following her instruction, doing properly and not skipping any of the exercises, perhaps completing around 4-5 tasks a day, repeating the vocabulary, and you'll have conversational German in your pocket in 1-2 months.

The course is good and the teacher is amazing, however, it is a bit easy for my actual level of french (of surely is not the course's fault). If you have problems with pronunciation or understanding the french sounds this course will be very useful.

Thank You Very Much for your kind training for the beginners and it is very useful for me and the people who are trying to learn Spanish from scratch.

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